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Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Neurodevelopmental Specialist

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Haller Method

The Haller Method is a holistic way of approaching clinical dysfunction. It's treatment model takes into account five main areas that affect the vast majority of clients that we see. It is a treatment model that produces fast, effective, long lasting results for children experiencing sensory processing difficulties.

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Neurodevelopmental Therapy 

Neurodevelopmental Therapy is a movement and reflex Integration based technique that helps to rebuild and/or generate neurological connections. This rebuilding improves volitional movement patterns that facilitate  the most optimal learning. It is a technique that helps to develop all different levels of the central nervous system resulting in whole brain function.

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Reiki for Children

Reiki is a nontraditional, holistic-type of treatment that uses the movement of energy, within our bodies, to promote relaxation of the central nervous system. It is a treatment that can be used on all ages and is effective in both physically and emotionally based situations. 

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Traditional Occupational Therapy

Traditional Occupational Therapy addresses a child's ability to engage in meaningful occupations. A child's most meaningful occupations vary throughout childhood, although, will typically include daily routine engagement, play. social exploration, leisure exploration, and academics. We focus on developing skills in all these areas to improve a child's overall confidence throughout day to day activities. 

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